Saturday, September 17, 2011

A book is available

Who wants to get my book State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program, please, leave a message in comments to this posting.


  1. Thank you for your hard and dedicated work. I look forward to hearing you at any future conferences. I would also love to read your book :)

    you can e-mail me at,

    Thank you

  2. Hello, I've read enough about your story, and his courage in challenging the Soviet authorities to raise awareness about the dangers of the new binary chemical weapons (such as novichok): hazard given by its high toxicity and its ability to be hidden in stocks of other chemicals such as fertilizers (thus being able to skip the international treaties on weapons of mass destruction), among other hazards. I admire your fight, and I would like your book was widely known and discussed. Some time ago, I chat on facebook with Gail, your wife, talking about your work, shortly before she complained that someone was hacking their account, and accounts of people she knew, and lose contact with her. I tried to get a pdf version of the book, and still have not found it. I'd appreciate it you could send me the pdf of this book, and I send you warm greetings from South America ...
    My E-mail is Thanks for your example, you're one of my «real-life» heroes.

  3. Dear Dr. Mirzayanov,

    I am a biochemistry major at Rutgers University. I am considering helping to improve the Wikipedia article on Novichok agents, which is a complete mess, and I would very much appreciate it if you would send me a .pdf copy of your book. Also, I have noticed from Amazon that the molecule diagrams in your book do not show stereochemistry, so if you could provide that information in a form that I can reference, that would be helpful. Lastly I am interested in your presentation at the 2010 CBRNe Convergence conference. Could you send me the Powerpoint for the slides you used during your talk? My e-mail is

  4. I would be very glad to have the book

    Boris Lvin,

  5. Dear Dr. Mirzayanov,

    My name is Juan Domingo, and I work as a teacher in the Spanish NBC Defence Military School. I am keen on getting to know further details about the Russian Chemical Weapons Program, so I would really appreciate if you send me a .pdf copy of your book. My email is

    Thanks in advance.
    Yours sincerely
    Juan Domingo

  6. My e-mail is

  7. Dear Dr. Mirzayanov

    My name is Adel and I am really fascinated on getting to know more details about the Russian Chemical Weapons Program, so I would really appreciate if you send me a .pdf copy of your book. My email is

  8. Hello Dr. Mirzayanov,
    I purchased the Kindle version of your book from Amazon and am enjoying your writing and recollection of your time spent at work in Russian chemical weapons. I am wondering if you know of any protective measures that Russian forces developed to protect themselves for use of these agents or detection capabilities they may have developed because it would not be wise to develop and use a chemical weapon which one's forces could succumb to in event of accident. I am interested to know your thoughts about this. Also, thank you for posting your YouTube videos, I found them to be very interesting also.

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