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Isn’t it enough is enough?

Six years ago I wrote this article and forgot to publish it in internet. Today I found it and decided to publish. Why ? Because some people in US still are trying to convince about this non-existent treat.

Probably I am not single person who is shocked by almost everyday warning of the people in US by upcoming biological attack of America on TV and newspapers. It is continuing more than decade and have achieved a pinnacle after September 11 disaster. Not too many but very energetic specialists and journalists are contributing to this large scale campaign. So far we have unfortunately only victims as result of it. Much more than result of another obsession with a Y2K bug. For me last one is an example of very good organized corruption in History of modern America with I hope unintentional involvement of two branches of the government. Sure USA lost on this fraud more than 10 billions dollars but there were ( thanks God ) no losses of human lives. I’m not going to blame all of these specialists and a lobby of biological defense people. But I’m sure that I have to try to explain from my point of view the realities of the biological and chemical weapons threat by the terrorists or states with a irresponsible regimes and give an example of use of doubtful specialist from Russia.

First victims of anti-biological rage came with a victory in Gulf War. Before this military campaign tens of thousands soldiers were vaccinated against the antrax. After this war thousands of veterans are suffering from unknown decease more likely originated as witnessed many doctors resulted by this unfortunate vaccination. It is almost absolutely clear that Gulf veterans decease wasn’t originated from the exposure of the soldiers to Irak’s chemical weapons (CA). Why ? Because at first there is no evidence that Irak did use the CA during this war. Unfortunately there was an accident connected with a irresponsible destroying of the Irak’s CA storage by barbaric method of explosion. It was very possible that part of chemical agents were pulled out by dust and smog created by the explosion and covering by them relatively big area occupied by ally troops. Secondary many soldiers being that time far from this area have the same symptoms of Gulf veterans decease.

Last victims of the antrax are widely known and they definitely are not connected with a terrorist attack. Opposite is more likely true: they are victims of the domestic criminal connected with a development of the BW or defense against it. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid assumption that this directly or indirectly was not inspired by BW defense specialists to drive out funds for themselves. It would be not excessive to tell that aggressive lobbying by BW defense specialists in Congress and the covering by mass-media created situation close to the hysteria. Sometimes I and my family are right now naming CNN as antrax channel.

I’d want to emphasis that there are no base to support the opinion that terrorists will use the biological weapon with an antrax or something similar to that. Why? Because there is no biological weapon in all world to use it like even the chemical weapons. I am sure that if some extreme creasy to be terrorist would have try to use non-weaponized biological agent he’ll kill himself before to begin to kill others. It is true also about so called countries with irresponsible regimes. Sure they can have or produce significant quantities of antrax or another biological agent but there is an unresolved task of the weaponizing of these agents. The problems connected with this task were fortunately extremely difficult and funds required for their resolution were meaningless from the point of view of military strategy. Even Soviet Union couldn’t (or didn’t want) develop an effective delivery system of these agents to the aimed objects for covering by them a meaningful area. Proposed systems were not tested at the military polygons because there was no corresponding infrastructure for a testing including the field-analytical chemistry, medical service and hospitals for emergency cases. The extreme safety rules and regulations which are necessary to meet at such works have absolutely excluded even the primary evaluations. Exactly because of these circumstances the examples of a real biological weapon never was used at any military exercises. If Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs of Russia G.Berdennikov at the 1996 Conference of signatories of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention told that Russia never developed, produced, or stored biological weapons it is absolutely true. Probably nobody will suppose that a powder is a weapon before it’ll be used in bombs, rockets or bullets et ct. The same should be fair about antrax or any biological agent. In this relation there is no doubt about chemical agents.

For instance ricin is natural product extracted from some beans and like antrax is a powder and extremely poisonous. It was very tempting for specialists to try to use it as chemical weapon. Russian chemical weapon specialists in GosNIIOChT spent a lot of time and funds for weaponizing of the ricin without any visible success. Neverthless nobody have tried to give it as a chemical weapon.

The biological weapons lobby is intensively using “ a top biological weapons specialist who had ran all program in Russia” Mr. Ken Alibek. They also are giving him as a deflector from Russia. Recently Mr. Ken Alibek with Mr. Stephen Handelman published the book titled “Biohazard” as “the chilling story of the largest covert biological weapons program in the world – told from inside by the man who ran it”. I must say that reading this book was really chilling for reasons I’ll try to explain.

The book is starting from the episode when Mr. Alibek was ordered to come to a meeting at “at Soviet army headquarters on Kirov Street in Moscow”. Mr. Alibek noted that the clipped voice on the phone said “ We’ve set aside a special room for you, Colonel”.

I don’t understand what does mean Mr.Alibek under the “Soviet army headquarters” but nobody in Soviet Union and Russia (also in USA) uses this term. If under this term author means the Defense Ministry of USSR it is definitly not at Kirova Street. It was at Frunzenskaja naberejnaija and right now at Arbat Street in Moscow. If author means under abovementioned term the General Stuff of the Soviet Army or Russian Army it was and is at the Frunze Street. By the way later Mr. Alibek at last pointed out that he means under the “Army Headquarters” the Ministry of Defense.

As a former Russian chemical weapons specialist who had been working within a strict secret system I can say only that it was absolutely impossible by someone to invite or order for something on the telephone.

Further Mr. Alibek is writing about the meeting. According to him general Lebedinsky asked “Are we ready?” After “general led us into an adjoining sound-proof room. Notepads had been placed on the large wooden table, in front of each chair.”

Such a demonstrative violation of the rules of the secrecy would have never happened. This system has required to get any papers or notepads in First Department of the office responsible for a meeting under the personal signature and return them after a work was done. Any kind of lost even one page or list of papers was a very reason to start investigation process with severe consequences for everybody. However Mr. Alibek and other violators “…shook hands, packed our papers, and congratulated one another on a productive session” It was and is absolutely impossible to pack up any papers from a secret meeting because of strict rules. If someone could have forgotten these rules an officer of the First Department will unconditionally stop any violation. For that or other reasons absolutely all secret meetings were supervised by KGB officers. In Soviet army there were adequate officers of the Special Service. It is a real fiction to write that “ Driving back to my office, I opened my briefcase to jot down a few more notes.” It was absolutely impossible to carry out any secret papers from a secret meeting in your briefcase. If you did some notes on the secret notepads after returning them to the office of the First Department you had to ask it to address papers to you office after receiving permission from the Chief of the office who was responsible for the meeting. For the transportation of secret materials there is a secret mail system of KGB. Nobody never could have right to do this instead.

After more than suspicious beginning Mr. Alibek is writing about the unbelievable subject of the meeting in the Defense Ministry. They were discussing a project to launch the intercontinental missiles with disease agents to the USA and Mr.Alibek was calculating how long it’ll take to produce these agents.

I must to tell that it didn’t happen even at the climax of cold war simply because there was never any biological weapon in the arsenal of Soviet army. I’m not going to defend soviet generals, among them there were a lot of creasy ones. However in general they’ve been not creasy to degree to spend almost for nothing from the military point of view billions dollars. They preferred the real weapons to destroy USA and allyes.To tell the truth they really hate chemical weapons specialists supposing that they just distracting funds from the real means. With a taking into account that it allegedly happened in 1988 when almost all economy of the USSR collapsed and the Communist Party was desperately trying to survive and to make both ends meet to keep the country under the control it was absolutely impossible to imagine that such a meeting with such a agenda could have taken place. There is only one reason “to justify” author to write this fiction. Unfortunately he was transferred from the province to Moscow only this year. I must to tell to Mr.Alibek’s attention that any decisions about the development a new weapon or their production before they would have been taken by Politbureau of KPSU were discussed at the level of the experts including a mentioned in the book Military Industrial Commission. It was absolutely impossible by the way how it was explained to Mr. Alibek by some general that “ A decision had been made at the highest levels,…, to arm SS-18 missils with disease agents”. First of all a general should give to Mr. Alibek the text of this decision with a remark “secret of special importance” with his signature that he was familiarized with a document. Only after this unavoidable procedure they could have discussed about any decision.

It is very interesting fact that Mr. Alibek who “ran the Soviet BW program” doesn’t give even any hints about the locations of Soviet BW storages with a bombs, rockets, shells and their technical details. Had he really run this program and there were such weapons I think he should give to reader this information. May be someone from very curious environmentalists could go to these locations and tell us about the real existence weapons. Even in the case sometime ago they had been destroyed there is very possibility that environment next to the storages could be contaminated and is still continuing to be a source of many deceases. For instance almost everybody in Russia and West knows right now about locations of the Chemical Weapons storages in USA and Russia and this information I am sure helps people to be more confident about verified and safe destruction of these weapons. By the way there is any copy of a secret document or it’s number with data pointing data of issue which can make an affirmation about the testing, production and stockpiling of BW. It is more than strange. Even I who didn’t ran chemical weapons program have numbers of very important documents including of decision to start to develop and test soviet binary chemical weapons. Two years I kept them in my web-site which recently I deactivated.

Fortunately I am sure Mr. Alibek is not person who “ran the Soviet BW program” and he is definitely not deflector as many BW lobby trying to give us him. They probably didn’t read this book. In last chapters of the book Mr. Alibek is writing how he was working in Alma-Aty ( Capital of the independent country Kazakhstan) and traveling to Moscow and abroad including USA after his retirement from the allegedly secret job. Any person who worked with secrets in USSR and Russia knows that it was and is absolutely impossible to get a travel passport without permission of KGB. I am not person who ran the Soviet Chemical Weapons program but even for me it took almost one year of the struggle with KGB to take permission for travel passport. Only a decision of the special Commission of the Council of the Ministry of Russia under the pressure of many famous former Soviet dissidents helped me solve this problem. Why ? Because I was so called a carrier of secrets. According to Soviet and Russian Code such a person can apply for travel passport only in 5 years after he retired from his job. In special cases this term is much more longer or unspecified. For instance some of my colleagues( even they didn’t ran any big chemical weapons program) from GSNIIOKhT still cannot receive travel passports.

If you are not a carrier of secrets there are no problems with a travel passport in Russia. I am sure one of them is Mr. Alibek who didn’t have any problems to travel to Malta or New York before he allegedly deflected to USA. He and his allegedly chiefs were participating at the international conferences and been photographed. Some of them Mr.Alibek posted in his book. I must say that it is absolutely impossible according to rules of secrecy to participate at the any public conferences and to be photographed. Because of it nobody can find photographs of any chemical weapon designers and developers.

Probably it is clear enough with a BW threat to USA today. Even though BW defense lobby already could pull out several billions from USA budget for the protection against non-existing biological weapons.

Are there any threats of possible BW attack today? Definitely not.

Are there threats of possible attacks with use of CW? With a high level of possibility there are not. However there are possibilities of use of the chemical agents or poisonous chemicals like hydrocyanide or chlorine-gas which could be legally purchased or stolen. It is real disturbing when according to media one of terrorists of September 11 attack was interested by use of agricultural planes which are equipped for dispersing of the solvents with a pesticides. Sure we cannot exclude the use of some versions of binary systems when their components could be precursors of civilian products but for that reason terrorists have to have skilful CW scientists-specialists and for the safety reasons I don’t want to discuss the possible concrete versions. In any case all these possibilities could be realized if the responsible government bodies will not take measures to prevent them. For that reason we have to start the work of investigation of the situation whether there are possibilities to smuggle abovementioned chemicals from industry and agriculture chemicals storages. For the fulfillment of these tasks and permanent monitoring and analyzing the whole situation under the Department of Governor Ridge should be created the Technical Counterintelligence Service.

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Isn't it corporative cover up?

So far I don't know how the OPCW has handled the issue connected with Russian use of chemical agent against its own people during the Moscow Dubrovka Theater siege in October 2002. Surprisingly the next day after this gas attack a very knowledgable New York Times reporter, Ms. Judith Miller, who is also a friend of Scooter Libby, assistant of VP Cheney, published this article http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/dll/knockoutgas2.htm where she reported about the use of fentanyl. She told that all information was provided by some intelligence people. I cannot buy this trick. First of all Russia didn't have at that time any fentanyl at all. If in Russia someone was planning to produce it, he could do it only in GosNIIOKhT. But GosNIIOKhT didn't have at that time any production facility for fentanyl. After September 11 2001 Mr. Bush and Putin became almost friends cooperating in anti-terror war. Fentanyl was poduced that time in Europe and USA. For some medical purposes Russia was purchasing fentanyl in Romania. After the Russian Theater gas attack the surviving European victims were released from Moscow Hospital in several days to be sure that traces of this agent would disappear from their urine and blood samples. When these victims came home, local hospitals were able to perform more precise analysis and determine exact kind of agent. I believe they did that but there was no information in the mass media whatsoever. It looked like all specialists in Russia and West were working in a very coordinated way. No one state in this world sent any complaint to OPCW about the abuse of CW by Russians to kill own people. Why? Probably, as usual, West is still doing blind eyes at Russian authorities when they're killing and poisoning their own people happily supposing that it is their pure internall affairs. I think it is a big mistake. It definitely encouraged them to poison at first to be President of Ukraine at that time Mr. Yuschenko in 2004 and then in 2006 to kill Mr. Litvinenko not in Russian territory but in London in continuation of old KGB practices when they killed Trotsky, Bandera and many other victims abroad. I should to remind that in Russia in 1940-50-s by Dr. Majronovsky, chief of the special KGB Laboratory, were developed a lot of methodes of poisoning of "enemies" and he also personally killed with their help many innocent victims ( look: Vadim J. Birstein, The True Story of Soviet Science.The Perversion of KNOWLDGE, Westview Press.). With help of his method (with ricin-tipped umbrella) KGB agent killed Bulgarian dissident G. Markov in 1978... again in London. By the way the ricin was produced in my former Institute, GosNIIOKhT. If US and European countries will continue this deeply wrong policies I'm afraid Russians will start to use CW more intensively everywhere to kill and silence their political opponents. Because of this I'm sure also that in area of CW should be real transparency but not it's imitation as it's going right now. I contributed there publishing my book with real chemical formulas of the Novichok series of CW developed in GosNIIOKhT in : Vil Mirzayanov. State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. Outskirts Press, Denver Co.

On the left from me Nobel Prize laureat, President of New York Academy of Sciences Dr. J. Lederberg. 1995.

Vil Mirzayanov (left) receives the Academy's 1994 Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award from George Soros (center) at the dinner in Moscow on March 15 as Nobel laureat James D. Watson looks on (right)

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Right move

Happy to write that http://www.amazon.co.uk returned my book: Vil Mirzayanov. State Secrets:An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program to it's category Biological&Chemical. Right now my books sale's rank is not so good but in this category it is no. 12. It was some time even no.2 which is not too bad for self-published author. My competitors definetly have an advantage because their publishers openly promoting their books. My advantage is very clear: I am specialist who worked 26 years in this area. Almost all authors in category Chemical Weapons are not specialists in this particular area and writing what they learned from other sources creating books about books.

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Mysterios move of amazon.com

Why http://www.amazon.co.uk/State-Secrets-Insiders-Chronicle-Chemical/dp/1432725661/ref=pd_ts_b_10?ie=UTF8&s=books
moved my book from category Biological&Chemical?
I like to watch book sales in www.amazon.com because they selling mine either. It is very disturbing when British amazon.com moved my book from this category simply to Russian. But my book is mostly about Chemical Weapons. It happened when somewhat my book there became successful. At first I supposed that this seller eliminated a category Biological&Chemical. But not, there all books except of mine. Isn't it some kind of way to divert an attenition of potential customers interested with problems of chemical weapons? I am upset because goal of my book is real chemical disarmamement which cannot be fulfilled without putting under the OPCW control the Russian Novichok weapons.
January 24 1994. In front of Moscow City Court. In couple days FSB will arrest me again and send to Matrosskaya Prison.

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Is there free media in USA?

I asked The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal to publish my article "Mission not accomplished". They refused to publish it. But some time ago they published a lot about my case and I'm thankful for that. I supposed these papers are too politically correct ones and they don't want to spoil their relationship with adiministration. Ultimately I sent my article to conservative paper The Washington Times supposing that it'll publish the article because it looks like independent paper. This paper also didn't publish my article. I'm sure that FBI blocked publication. Anyway I am absolutely sure that this article doesn't disclose any American secrets or violate US law and because of it publishing over here.


By Vil S. Mirzayanov, PhD Chemical Science

It is a very encouraging sign that President Obama wants to work once more for the global abolition of nuclear weapons. At the same time, there is a lot of unfinished business in the field of chemical weapons (CW). We need to take some measures to eliminate the flaws built into the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (CWC), which were strategically crafted by the former Soviet rulers during the negotiations of that treaty. Their goal was to eliminate the old obsolete weapons while keeping the new generation of CW codenamed Novichok out of treaty control.
The Novichok agents developed by Petr Kirpichev are 5-8 times more potent than those known before. One of them, A-232, is not a traditional phosphoorganic nerve agent of known structure in the phosphonate group. It is related to the phosphates, which are widely used in the production of agricultural pesticides. Moreover, a pesticide with an analogous structure to A-232 was synthesized with the goal of masking it completely.
This opened up a real Pandora’s Box - the possibility of using agricultural chemicals as components of binary weapons. Two relatively harmless components can be mixed in flight to produce a deadly chemical agent end product. Also binary weapons eliminate most of the expense and danger of the production and storage of chemical agents.
After his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and after Russia signed the Agreement on the Nonproduction and Elimination of CW on September 23, 1989, President Mikhail Gorbachev signed Resolution 844-186 thirteen days later, sanctioning the start up of the binary weapons program. Already a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Gorbachev awarded the Lenin Prize on April 23, 1991 to the leaders of the military chemical complex for the successful development, testing and production of binaries based on Substance 33, which is somewhat similar to VX gas. The following year, Gorbachev was going to award the Lenin Prize for the development and production of binaries based on Agent A-232, but he ran out of time, when the Soviet Union collapsed.
Despite the fall of the Communist regime, the Novichok program continued up until the end of 1992, and possibly after that. I witnessed these events firsthand as the Chief of the Department of Foreign Technical Counterintelligence at the State Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology (GosNIIOKhT), the main developer of chemical weapons in Russia. All documentation on the development and production of chemical weapons was entirely falsified, and a special effort was made to mislead the West.
Under these circumstances I stopped participating in these illegal activities and appealed to the world community to pay attention to this problem. During 1991 and 1992, I wrote a few vague articles and gave interviews, and I was sent to prison twice for that. In 1994 my case was dropped for lack of evidence, but more likely it was the support of the international scientific community that helped the most. Nevertheless, the Russian expert commission assigned to my case clearly confirmed the veracity of the development, production and testing agents of the Novichok series and the binary weapons based on one of them. It also corroborated their high toxicity and incurability after poisoning.
Eventually I immigrated to the United States, and I became a proud US citizen. I supported ratification of the CWC by the US Senate in 1996, hoping that amendments would be made to this Convention to put the Novichok agents of Russia under its control.
I waited in vain for 12 years and nothing happened. These dangerous chemical agents were never declared by Russia and were never placed in the Control List of the OPCW, the body that administers the CWC. The US and the Russian governments simply ignored the situation.
These agents entirely satisfy the criteria of the “Guidelines for Schedules of Chemicals” of the CWC for crafting an amendment. There is no longer any necessity for long negotiations with the Russian Government to disclose them. To help expedite the process, I decided to publish the chemical formulas of these agents in my memoir, “State Secrets: An Insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program” (Outskirts Press, Denver Co., 2008). Now the US Government can accomplish the next step in its mission to rid the world of chemical weapons by officially proposing an amendment to the CWC listing these agents.
After that, it seems that the logjam blocking the “challenge inspections” could be broken by agreeing to allow inspections at known CW development and production centers in both Russia and the US. For now, there is no need to burden civilian chemical industry with these inspections, creating the possibility of lawsuits, which claim the loss of commercial secrets.

P.S. This article I'v posted in http://armchairgeneralist.typepad.com as a comment under the article "Britain's Secret CW History " from 29 June 2009. Surprisingly my article was censored and someone deleted my remarks about Russian tricks with binaries on base of Substance 33 and etc. Isn't it strange when they're disclosing technical secrets how to use mustard gas for killings which could be used very easy by terrorists, the same supervisors are meticulously protecting Russian secrets?

When FSB arrested me in October 22 1992 in couple days Moscow News publshed it's front page with this photo and headline: Are we imperialism agents again? On the left Dr. Lev Fedorov, my co-author.

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I published my new article

It's title "The (agent) fate of Novichok and published in excellent magazine http://www.cbrneworld.com/pdf/CBRNe%20Summer%202009.pdf It is on p.30.
Sure, I am happy with it. There is ( p.101) also review of my book Vil Mirzayanov. State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. It is also good one. Author of this review Mr. Steve Johnson had grilled me enough for my flaws connected with publication by on demand publisher and for not enough explanation of motivations of my actions. He is right. There are many reasons for this. First of all because of some people in Washington who didn't want to write and publish this book how I wanted to. Secondary, they did everything endlessly to delay any publication even though they received a lot of money "for preparation Vil Mirzayanov's book" from Flora foundation. Up to real publication I was not sure that CIA and FBI allow me release it. I already wrote about visits of FBI agents to my house. It looked like that these people together with the same people in Washington were concerned to keep Russian secrets as American ones. One of my major motivation for my actions as whistleblower I think was my extreme reaction for spending my all scientific life for nothing or for useless but extremely dangerous for safety of people buisness. Secondary, in 1980-90 s I was very much under the influence of exemplary actions of world famous brave people like A. Sakharov, D. Ellsberg and M. Vanunu. The same time was going development of my democratic points of view on the future Russia and my enslaved by the Russian Empire Tatar People.
Anyway I really like and appreciate Mr. Johnson for this conclusion: "For all its flaws this book and its author mark a key epoch in CBRN. This book will certainly cause people to sit upand take notice, certainly to address potential gaps in capability but whether it has the ability to and its principles remains to be seen. I reinvigorate the CWC hope this does not become the story of a man that risked everything to blow the whistle, only for no one to listen".

P.S. By the way I wrote my another article under the title "Mission not accomplished" about problems connected with a new generation of Russian chemical weapons and asked to publish The Washington Post. It refused to publish. Asked The Wall Street Journal - the same result. Isn't it some kind of politcorrectness? Don't touch our beloved Russian enemies...

From left to right: Dr. Lev Fedorov, Dr. Vladimir Uglev ( assistant of Petr Kirpichev - inventor of A-230, A-232) and Dr. Vil Mirzayanov. February 1994, in front of Moscow News.

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Russians brainwashed US Senator

When I read the article " In Siberia, the Death Knell of a Complex Holding a Deadly Stockpile" By CLIFFORD J. LEVY in NYT
Published: May 26, 2009. it stroke me this sentence " But Senator Lugar, who plans to attend the opening ceremony on Friday, said that on an earlier visit, a single gesture showed that the storage site endangered the whole world.

“I took one of those shells,” he said, “and put it in a briefcase.”
Probably it is not good idea to enlight US Senator but I have to do. First of all, during any demonstrations of any examples of chemical weapons Russians never showed the real ones filled with real chemical agents (CA). It didn't happen even in Shikhany in 1989. It is understandable because there is no guarantee that it'll not occur some leakage of CA poisoning not trained people. Second, real chemical weapons cannot be exposed in front of not specialists which didn't pass a special exam on safety measures and not dressed in special protection suits, gloves and not supplied with gas masks. Russian rules in this relation are very strict and no one Russian General couldn't take such a risk to jeopardize life of US Senator or any another person. So, I'm absolutely sure that US Senator Lugar didn't even see a real Russian weapon. That example of shell was a faked one without any CA and he simply was participating in this strange show. It is also little embarassing why NYT before publication this article could'nt get some kind of consultation about these matteres. I'm sure that with U.S. Senator came some people from Washington which are mostly writing about CW but they don't have any real knowledge about them. Otherwise somebody should save Mr. Lugar from such an ebarassment. I can imagine how these Russian Generals were laughing at "the stupid Americans".

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2. Why CIA and FBI are against me

They wanted me to turn into a puppet. Like someone who wrote a book about non-existent biological weapons of Russia and published it in USA. This person doesn't know about elementary things in secrecy area where he allegedly worked. For instance, he is writing that someone called him on telephone with distorted voice and invited to come to the very important meeting at Defense Ministry. To the attention of CIA. What do you think KGB is entirely stupid organization and doesn't have a secret system of telephone service or a system of mailing of secret documents? So, I categorically insisting that it is pure lie and misleading. In Russia nobody and never called or calling to the secret meetings "with distorted voice". I believe that even some very romantic girls don't trust to some guy if he is dating with "distorted voice". This puppet further is writing that he went to the Defense Ministry located at Kirov Street in Moscow to this meeting. I'm categorically insisting that at Kirov Street in Moscow never was located any Defense Minisistry of USSR or Russia at all. It was located at Frunzenskaya Naberzhnaya. Right now it is at Arbat Street or Arbat Square. This kind of tales are lot in this book but who cares?
Why they were not interested in me as source of important for security of US? Because they already knew about a new generation of the Chemical Weapons of Russia. My former chief the late professor S. Dubov, former chief of Physical Chemistry of GosNIIOKhT, main developer of the chemical agents of Russia, came to US in 1992. How, I don't know but I am not so naive not to suppose that CIA knew about it and sanctioned his entry visa. Simultaneously came to USA also former senior scientist of GosNIIOKhT the late E. Greenstein. Both of them knew all about a new chemical agents of Russia about which I wrote article without any formulas and details in Moscow News in September 16 1992. For that reason KGB arrested me and started his harsh prosecution which took almost 3 years. Abovementioned scientists that time in USA enjoyed life and didn't suffer like me in cells of the notorious prison Matrosskaya Tishina. I believe they were not too shy not to share their knowledge with CIA.
Was I naive? Probably but I deeply believed and believe that a new generation of the Russian chemical weapons are still dangerous and they should be banned by enlisting in CWC schedule of chemical agents. As I wrote in my new book: State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. Outskirts Press., Denver, Co. , I believed that by the Amendment to the CWC it could be done. Because of it I supported the ratification by US Senate CWC. To tell the truth my support was not entirely genuine because long before ratification in 1997 I opposed it as a deception. Today I see that nobody in US is interested in any amendments and enlisting thes dangerous Russian chhemical weapons in Scedule of chemical agents of this Convention. So, who cheated me? Why I was so long suffering under the KGB presecutions? What is the result? The result is probably some kind of bargain between US and Russian governments to hide these weapons from world community and not put them under the control. Right now I have spoiled this plot by publishing the real chemical formulas in my book. There is just one question: is it still possible to ignore these extremely dangerous weapons and not include them in Schedule of CWC? Who knows. The US government needs Russians for it's more "important" problems and preferes not to irritate them. Probably it is better to harras me sending to my house FBI agents for interviews to determinate what was my goal by revealing chemical formulas of agents A-230, A-232 and A-234. Why they are not asking some people in Washington: what is their goal in hiding these secrets from the International Convention? They are the Russian secrets.

1. Why CIA and FBI are against me

Their animosity is started not only after publication of my new book: State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. Outskirts Press, Denver, Co. 2008 At first page of this book I wrote about my interrogation by CIA with help of so called lie-detector. To tell the truth I was that time very curious about this machine. When they started their questions I soon understood that their goal is not seeking truth but real intimidation to make me some sort of a puppet and after that use me for their purposes. For instance, how easy with help of this machine anybody (sure, naive and not-experienced person) could be confused. If someone asked you how many times you are having sex with your sister or brother, I don't think you can react indifferently because of idisgusting nature of this question. So, these guys asked me whether I am spy? I was 3 years prosecuted by KGB but even it's pepole never insulted by this way. Why? Apparently they guessed that an insult is not best way to get any kind of information. CIA guys reacted to my question why they are insulting me by explaination that I had been in Russian prison and there I could had been hired as a spy, for instance by the French intelligence. Definetely these guys had had a wild fantasy. How I could be hired by French intelligence in high security KGB prison where every my inmate was it's spy and they were periodically reporting to KGB? I was not blind and deaf not to see and hear all this. In January 1994 KGB arrested me a second time and sent to the hell under the title "Matrosskaya Tishina" where video cameras were supervising me on permanent base all 24 hours. Additionaly, they implanted into my camera tatar guy. Sure it was their very bad job because I immediately understood why he came here.
It looks like toŠ¾ long note. Next time I'll tell about my version of goals of CIA and FBI.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What is going on with FBI?

After publication of my book Vil Mirzayanov. State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program, local (Newark, NJ) FBI department started literally to harrass me. First time they came and asked about details in my book. I explained everything. They came second time with same questions. I explained. Right now they want to come again...with someone . This someone probably is CW specialist who wanted to talk to me under the pressure and suprevision of FBI agents. But it is really harrasing if not intimidation! I don't have any pleasure to explain again and again why I wrote my book. Probably FBI as CIA is not happy with my revealations of the Russian secrets. Isn't it strange that for the same reason KGB prosecuted me in Russia 3 years sending to prison twice and right now in USA other agencies started for the beginning to harras me? I am living in USA 14 years and don't feel safe because of these people. Who and what they are protecting by this way? Why they feel themselves so powerful to violate my human rights to live in peace and disturb my private life? Are they above the basics of the US Constitution?

Thursday, February 26, 2009


While I was writing my book “State Secrets: An Insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program”, some people from Washington persistently advised me not to include the formulas of the chemical agents of the Novichok series in my book. These formulas were unknown to all countries of the world except for Russia, and they are not on the Control List of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

It seems that some people thought it would be much better if we just ignored Novichok and its precursors. Then we could count on the goodwill of the Russian Government.

I asked why it would be a bad idea to publish this information, since it would be for the safety of all people. Then the governments would work to have those chemical agents and their precursors included into the Control List. They responded, “Terrorists could use them for their criminal actions.” This kind of reasoning is used all the time now to scare people and prevent any discussion. We are already used to ignoring a lot of real problems thanks to that.

I reminded these people that the formulas of VX gas, sarin and soman have already been published. In some books it is even possible to find the basics of the production technologies of these agents. No one tried to give me a logical counter-argument or even make a good point. I suspect that the reason for this is that these people really have no real knowledge about their topic of conversation – chemical weapons. Oterwise, they wouldn't have adviced the UN Commission on Irak to go Saddam Husein's palaces before Bush's invasion, to look for his secret chemical agent factories.

To begin with, let’s consider the probability of the production of chemical agents by terrorists. In reality, production is an extremely tricky, dangerous and high-tech business. Can any serious chemical engineer or scientist imagine that this production could take place in an underground bunker, without highly trained and qualified personnel, and without extremely strict safety measures, somewhere in the Swat Valley in Pakistan? It’s not even science fiction, but a pure lie, because of the nature of these agents. Anyone who tried to synthesize and produce them this way would most likely kill himself.

In GOSNIIOKhT, the Russian center for developing chemical weapons where I worked for 26 years, all scientists and engineers, including the departmental and laboratory chiefs, had to pass safety exams every year. The technical personnel had to pass them every six months. The strictness of the technical measure in the laboratories and factories that produced chemical weapons was unprecedented. Even under these circumstances, there were many victims and the consequences were often lethal. My friend Andrei Zheleznyakov died after being poisoned with the Novichok agent A-232, even though he was very experienced and was observing all safety measures.
Formulas in books cannot replace experience, highly qualified engineers and the technological secrets of production. Without them, everything is absolutely useless.

My colleague, Mr. Lippman, who was once the chief engineer at the Volgograd factory for the production of chemical agents in Russia, told me about how the Soviets brought a whole factory for the production of sarin over from Germany after World War Two. With the assistance of two German engineers, they tried to begin the production of sarin there, but it took 6 years for it to get started up. The start up of the small pilot plant for the production of the Soviet VX-gas – known as Substance 33 – took more than 8 years. The experimental production of chemical agents like sarin and VX-gas in Iraq were also an instructive example. After the Gulf War, my colleagues from GOSNIIOKhT along with some Western scientists found some bombs filled with sarin and VX-gas, but in reality this was pretty much pure garbage, consisting mostly of the products of decomposition! It is known that some German businessman sold the technologies and assisted them in their start up, but the primitive technological level of the country made it impossible for anything noteworthy to be produced.

Another reason why it is impossible for terrorists to use chemical agents is that they cannot create weapons from them. Chemical weapons are chemical agents carried in sophisticated bombs or rockets that have reliable delivery systems or launchers. In the case of binary weapons, two chemicals must be mixed together perfectly during flight. The mixing and temperature need to be carefully controlled. Only special military personnel can operate them with minimal risk of poisoning or death. Also, it is impossible to send chemical agents out in envelopes, as someone did with anthrax spores in the US.

So far only the Aum Shinrikyo cult was able to use sarin gas, which has a relatively high volatility, to stage a series of coordinated attacks on the Tokyo Metro in 1995. Twelve people died, and up to 6000 more were injured or poisoned. It is clear this happened because of flaws in the security system of this metro. The volatility of both Novichok and VX-gas are hundreds of times less than that of sarin. For that reason, it is impossible to the same kind of methods Aum Shinrikyo did, and release them, exposing targets. In conclusion, it is clear that chemical agents cannot be used by terrorists, because of their lack of accessibility, their difficulty of manufacture, the lack of delivery systems and the danger posed to terrorist operators.

All of the advice people gave me not to publish formulas of the Novichok chemical agents, based on the argument that terrorists would use them, does not ring true. These agents should be acknowledged and immediately put under the control of the OPCW, the organization that administers the Chemical Weapons Convention. We need to stop mystifying chemical weapons and the non-existent biological weapons. It is time to stop scaring the American people with imaginary problems, in order to blindly extract as much money as possible from them for protection. If you look at the funding these scare tactics have generated for various projects, I am sure that some of them were necessary, but you can also be sure that some unnecessary pet projects of lobbyists were also included.

All these funds should be redirected for practical measures that will truly improve the security of our country and protect us from real danger.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

About my book


New Book Reveals How One Man Blew the Whistle on Russia’s Chemical Weapons Program – And Shocked the World

January 13, Denver, CO and Princeton, NJ – Vil S. Mirzayanov made international headlines for blowing the whistle on Russia’s illicit chemical weapons program, bravery that later landed him in prison on trumped-up charges of revealing “state secrets.” Now, a stunning autobiography sheds new light on the incident – widely regarded as the “first test” of Russian democracy – and the mystery-shrouded operation that produced some of the world’s most insidious killing technology.

“State Secrets: An Insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program” (Outskirts Press; www.outskirtspress.com) takes readers behind the scenes and into the ominous halls of GOSNIIOKhT – the Soviet Union’s and, later, Russia’s most advanced chemical weapons laboratory. And it provides fresh insights into the personalities, political machinations and intrigue surrounding the country’s military industrial complex.

For decades, GOSNIIOKhT produced some of the most lethal substances known to man. Then, researchers there developed something that would top the entire world’s nerve agents: dubbed Novichok – for “newcomer” – these binary nerve gasses were at least 8 to 10 times as powerful as any other chemical weapon. Despite Russia’s leaders’ assurances to the contrary, they were lying to the international community and to their own people. Until now Novichok has remained cloaked in secrecy and has evaded control by the Chemical Weapons Convention, placing its effectiveness in doubt.

Spurred by the sense that he was involved in a criminal enterprise, and by concerns over the facility’s environmental side-effects, Mirzayanov went public with details of the weapon in Russian newspapers in 1991. After an interview with the Baltimore Sun and an article in Moscow News, authorities took notice – and promptly sent the mild-mannered chemist to the notorious Lefortovo Prison in 1992. What followed was a sensational story for the Russian and Western press and an early litmus test of the Russian government’s commitment to openness, honesty and democracy.

State Secrets documents in compelling detail Mirzayanov’s epic struggle for justice in a country whose legal system was still more firmly rooted in Kafka than a constitution. How he managed to triumph from within a cramped prison cell, rally international pressure around him and become the first person in 70 years to actually sue the Russian government is ultimately a story at least as compelling as the development of Novichok.

While many of Mirzayanov’s revelations and arrest have been well documented, never before has there been such a complete account of how Soviet and Russian elite military and scientific institutions functioned as told from the inside. Incompetence, nepotism – and above all – fear, prevailed, as Mirzayanov shows in this richly detailed and engagingly told account. But against this backdrop, great courage was also possible – from the scientists who joined the Russian democratic movement to the journalists who told the truth to an entire world for the first time.

“State Secrets: An Insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program” is now available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and the online bookstore of Outskirts Press, at outskirtspress.com/store.php.

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About the Author: Vil S. Mirzayanov was born in 1935 in a rural village in Bashkortstan, Russia. He is the recipient of numerous scientific and civic honors, including the Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award, the Cavallo Foundation’s award for Moral Courage in Business and Government, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1995 and currently lives in Princeton, NJ.

Author Contact: Visit him on the Web at www.outskirtspress.com/StateSecrets_aninsiderschronicle

About Outskirts Press, Inc.: Outskirts Press, Inc. offers full-service, custom self-publishing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available for authors globally at www.outskirtspress.com and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press represents the future of book publishing, today.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Why I published my book?

There are two kinds of weapons of mass destruction: nuclear and chemical weapons. I’m not going to talk about biological weapons, because they don’t exist. Even when Russia was intensively developing biological agents, they were never actually weaponized and tested.

My subject is chemical weapons, which consists of chemical agents and their delivery systems (like rockets and bombs). The modern world has been familiar with chemical weapons for almost two centuries. Their widespread use in war has caused millions of atrocities. The Soviets and Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq used them to kill their own people.
Three times, a number of European countries crafted conventions for outlawing the development, production and testing of chemical weapons. The most recent one was signed in the 1993. Also was set up a List of controlled chemical agents and their precursors. Unfortunately, scientific research in this extremely dangerous area was not banned.

I am a physical chemist, and I was employed for almost 26 years at Russia’s foremost center for developing chemical agents – GosNIIOKhT in Moscow. I participated in all stages of activity, including scientific research work on the development of new chemical agents, and the production and testing of the final chemical weapons. My last position there was as the head of the Technical Counterintelligence Department of the Military Chemical Complex. I saw that the goal of the leaders of the Military Complex was to eliminate all useless old chemical weapons at the expense of the West and to keep hidden its new generation of chemical weapons, under the Code Name of Novichok.

Up to this point, Russia had developed, tested and started production of the binary chemical weapons, including the Novichok series which are up to 5-8 times more powerful than those known before. In a binary chemical weapon, two relatively harmless precursor chemicals are mixed in a rocket in flight to produce a deadly agent for delivery. One military advantage of binary weapons is that the dangerous end product does not have to be stockpiled. The binary precursors can be produced in normal factories that make agricultural chemicals like pesticides.

A Novichok chemical agent is different from VX-gas, sarin and soman. Also Novichok and its precursors are not included in the List of controlled chemical agents. On the eve of the signing of the Chemical Weapons Convention, I saw this gross omission was a great lie, so I published my first article in the Russian newspaper Kuranty, to warn the whole world about this fraud. The only result was that I lost my job.

In September of 1992, I co-authored another article published in Moscow News, called “A Poisoned Policy”, which was published the same day as an interview I gave to the “Baltimore Sun”. Shortly after that, I was arrested for disclosing state secrets and sent to the KGB’s notorious Lefortovo Prison. For the 2 ½ years that followed, I was supported by a campaign of many people (mostly scientists, politicians and human rights activists) in Russia, in the US and Europe who protested my arrest and prosecution. I spent a month in a maximum security prison called Matrosskaya Tishina and the rest of the time under house arrest, until my trial in early 1994. My case was dropped, because of lack of evidence. Ultimately I emigrated to the United States.

I wanted to help the American Government to know and understand more about the Novichok weapons program, but surprisingly the CIA treated me as if I were a spy, with extremely insulting questions. Despite that and with serious reservations, I supported the ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention by the US Congress, hoping that Novichok and its precursors would eventually be included into the list of chemicals prohibited by the convention.

I have waited 14 long years in vain. This is strange to me, because so many people supported me in my struggle against these extremely dangerous Russian chemical weapons. Ultimately, there is no result whatsoever. I even wondered if the US and Russia came to some kind of secret agreement to keep silence about the issue.
In these circumstances, I didn’t have any choice but to write book “State Secrets: An Insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program” where I published the real chemical formulas of Novichok agents for the first time.

One of the main goals of the book is a retool the OPCW (the United Nations agency that is charged with implementing the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention) for real control of the Novichok chemical agents. For the sake of the world’s safety.

I also hope to warn people that by allowing countries like Russia to continue scientific research in the field of chemical agents, that we left a big loophole for clandestine violations. With the development of new chemical technologies, such as nanotechnology, there are probably no limits to the size of deadly molecules that can be synthesized and used as chemical agents. Nanoparticles can be directly exposed to the victims from the air, without the need to vaporize or aerosolize chemical agents. Theoretically, it’s also possible that some kind of nanoparticles could be used to break through a gas mask. It’s not surprising that GosNIIOKhT has been included into the List of so-called system-creating enterprises of Russia, by Putin’s administration. GosNIIOKhT is also currently working in the secret part of a governmental company on nanotechnologies.

Apparently, for this reason, the Military Chemical Complex of Russia appointed a young general from the Directorate of the Chemical Troops, Mr. Kondratiev, to the post of Director of GosNIIOKhT. To look more like a civilian manager, he even “retired” from the Russian Army.

I would also like to emphasize that there is no longer any need to test new chemical weapons on an open polygon. Everything can be modeled in a laboratory with the proper equipment.