Sunday, June 7, 2009

1. Why CIA and FBI are against me

Their animosity is started not only after publication of my new book: State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. Outskirts Press, Denver, Co. 2008 At first page of this book I wrote about my interrogation by CIA with help of so called lie-detector. To tell the truth I was that time very curious about this machine. When they started their questions I soon understood that their goal is not seeking truth but real intimidation to make me some sort of a puppet and after that use me for their purposes. For instance, how easy with help of this machine anybody (sure, naive and not-experienced person) could be confused. If someone asked you how many times you are having sex with your sister or brother, I don't think you can react indifferently because of idisgusting nature of this question. So, these guys asked me whether I am spy? I was 3 years prosecuted by KGB but even it's pepole never insulted by this way. Why? Apparently they guessed that an insult is not best way to get any kind of information. CIA guys reacted to my question why they are insulting me by explaination that I had been in Russian prison and there I could had been hired as a spy, for instance by the French intelligence. Definetely these guys had had a wild fantasy. How I could be hired by French intelligence in high security KGB prison where every my inmate was it's spy and they were periodically reporting to KGB? I was not blind and deaf not to see and hear all this. In January 1994 KGB arrested me a second time and sent to the hell under the title "Matrosskaya Tishina" where video cameras were supervising me on permanent base all 24 hours. Additionaly, they implanted into my camera tatar guy. Sure it was their very bad job because I immediately understood why he came here.
It looks like toŠ¾ long note. Next time I'll tell about my version of goals of CIA and FBI.

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