Saturday, June 20, 2009

Russians brainwashed US Senator

When I read the article " In Siberia, the Death Knell of a Complex Holding a Deadly Stockpile" By CLIFFORD J. LEVY in NYT
Published: May 26, 2009. it stroke me this sentence " But Senator Lugar, who plans to attend the opening ceremony on Friday, said that on an earlier visit, a single gesture showed that the storage site endangered the whole world.

“I took one of those shells,” he said, “and put it in a briefcase.”
Probably it is not good idea to enlight US Senator but I have to do. First of all, during any demonstrations of any examples of chemical weapons Russians never showed the real ones filled with real chemical agents (CA). It didn't happen even in Shikhany in 1989. It is understandable because there is no guarantee that it'll not occur some leakage of CA poisoning not trained people. Second, real chemical weapons cannot be exposed in front of not specialists which didn't pass a special exam on safety measures and not dressed in special protection suits, gloves and not supplied with gas masks. Russian rules in this relation are very strict and no one Russian General couldn't take such a risk to jeopardize life of US Senator or any another person. So, I'm absolutely sure that US Senator Lugar didn't even see a real Russian weapon. That example of shell was a faked one without any CA and he simply was participating in this strange show. It is also little embarassing why NYT before publication this article could'nt get some kind of consultation about these matteres. I'm sure that with U.S. Senator came some people from Washington which are mostly writing about CW but they don't have any real knowledge about them. Otherwise somebody should save Mr. Lugar from such an ebarassment. I can imagine how these Russian Generals were laughing at "the stupid Americans".

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