Sunday, June 7, 2009

2. Why CIA and FBI are against me

They wanted me to turn into a puppet. Like someone who wrote a book about non-existent biological weapons of Russia and published it in USA. This person doesn't know about elementary things in secrecy area where he allegedly worked. For instance, he is writing that someone called him on telephone with distorted voice and invited to come to the very important meeting at Defense Ministry. To the attention of CIA. What do you think KGB is entirely stupid organization and doesn't have a secret system of telephone service or a system of mailing of secret documents? So, I categorically insisting that it is pure lie and misleading. In Russia nobody and never called or calling to the secret meetings "with distorted voice". I believe that even some very romantic girls don't trust to some guy if he is dating with "distorted voice". This puppet further is writing that he went to the Defense Ministry located at Kirov Street in Moscow to this meeting. I'm categorically insisting that at Kirov Street in Moscow never was located any Defense Minisistry of USSR or Russia at all. It was located at Frunzenskaya Naberzhnaya. Right now it is at Arbat Street or Arbat Square. This kind of tales are lot in this book but who cares?
Why they were not interested in me as source of important for security of US? Because they already knew about a new generation of the Chemical Weapons of Russia. My former chief the late professor S. Dubov, former chief of Physical Chemistry of GosNIIOKhT, main developer of the chemical agents of Russia, came to US in 1992. How, I don't know but I am not so naive not to suppose that CIA knew about it and sanctioned his entry visa. Simultaneously came to USA also former senior scientist of GosNIIOKhT the late E. Greenstein. Both of them knew all about a new chemical agents of Russia about which I wrote article without any formulas and details in Moscow News in September 16 1992. For that reason KGB arrested me and started his harsh prosecution which took almost 3 years. Abovementioned scientists that time in USA enjoyed life and didn't suffer like me in cells of the notorious prison Matrosskaya Tishina. I believe they were not too shy not to share their knowledge with CIA.
Was I naive? Probably but I deeply believed and believe that a new generation of the Russian chemical weapons are still dangerous and they should be banned by enlisting in CWC schedule of chemical agents. As I wrote in my new book: State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. Outskirts Press., Denver, Co. , I believed that by the Amendment to the CWC it could be done. Because of it I supported the ratification by US Senate CWC. To tell the truth my support was not entirely genuine because long before ratification in 1997 I opposed it as a deception. Today I see that nobody in US is interested in any amendments and enlisting thes dangerous Russian chhemical weapons in Scedule of chemical agents of this Convention. So, who cheated me? Why I was so long suffering under the KGB presecutions? What is the result? The result is probably some kind of bargain between US and Russian governments to hide these weapons from world community and not put them under the control. Right now I have spoiled this plot by publishing the real chemical formulas in my book. There is just one question: is it still possible to ignore these extremely dangerous weapons and not include them in Schedule of CWC? Who knows. The US government needs Russians for it's more "important" problems and preferes not to irritate them. Probably it is better to harras me sending to my house FBI agents for interviews to determinate what was my goal by revealing chemical formulas of agents A-230, A-232 and A-234. Why they are not asking some people in Washington: what is their goal in hiding these secrets from the International Convention? They are the Russian secrets.

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