Monday, July 13, 2009

Isn't it corporative cover up?

So far I don't know how the OPCW has handled the issue connected with Russian use of chemical agent against its own people during the Moscow Dubrovka Theater siege in October 2002. Surprisingly the next day after this gas attack a very knowledgable New York Times reporter, Ms. Judith Miller, who is also a friend of Scooter Libby, assistant of VP Cheney, published this article where she reported about the use of fentanyl. She told that all information was provided by some intelligence people. I cannot buy this trick. First of all Russia didn't have at that time any fentanyl at all. If in Russia someone was planning to produce it, he could do it only in GosNIIOKhT. But GosNIIOKhT didn't have at that time any production facility for fentanyl. After September 11 2001 Mr. Bush and Putin became almost friends cooperating in anti-terror war. Fentanyl was poduced that time in Europe and USA. For some medical purposes Russia was purchasing fentanyl in Romania. After the Russian Theater gas attack the surviving European victims were released from Moscow Hospital in several days to be sure that traces of this agent would disappear from their urine and blood samples. When these victims came home, local hospitals were able to perform more precise analysis and determine exact kind of agent. I believe they did that but there was no information in the mass media whatsoever. It looked like all specialists in Russia and West were working in a very coordinated way. No one state in this world sent any complaint to OPCW about the abuse of CW by Russians to kill own people. Why? Probably, as usual, West is still doing blind eyes at Russian authorities when they're killing and poisoning their own people happily supposing that it is their pure internall affairs. I think it is a big mistake. It definitely encouraged them to poison at first to be President of Ukraine at that time Mr. Yuschenko in 2004 and then in 2006 to kill Mr. Litvinenko not in Russian territory but in London in continuation of old KGB practices when they killed Trotsky, Bandera and many other victims abroad. I should to remind that in Russia in 1940-50-s by Dr. Majronovsky, chief of the special KGB Laboratory, were developed a lot of methodes of poisoning of "enemies" and he also personally killed with their help many innocent victims ( look: Vadim J. Birstein, The True Story of Soviet Science.The Perversion of KNOWLDGE, Westview Press.). With help of his method (with ricin-tipped umbrella) KGB agent killed Bulgarian dissident G. Markov in 1978... again in London. By the way the ricin was produced in my former Institute, GosNIIOKhT. If US and European countries will continue this deeply wrong policies I'm afraid Russians will start to use CW more intensively everywhere to kill and silence their political opponents. Because of this I'm sure also that in area of CW should be real transparency but not it's imitation as it's going right now. I contributed there publishing my book with real chemical formulas of the Novichok series of CW developed in GosNIIOKhT in : Vil Mirzayanov. State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. Outskirts Press, Denver Co.

On the left from me Nobel Prize laureat, President of New York Academy of Sciences Dr. J. Lederberg. 1995.

Vil Mirzayanov (left) receives the Academy's 1994 Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award from George Soros (center) at the dinner in Moscow on March 15 as Nobel laureat James D. Watson looks on (right)

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