Saturday, July 4, 2009

I published my new article

It's title "The (agent) fate of Novichok and published in excellent magazine It is on p.30.
Sure, I am happy with it. There is ( p.101) also review of my book Vil Mirzayanov. State Secrets: An Insider's Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program. It is also good one. Author of this review Mr. Steve Johnson had grilled me enough for my flaws connected with publication by on demand publisher and for not enough explanation of motivations of my actions. He is right. There are many reasons for this. First of all because of some people in Washington who didn't want to write and publish this book how I wanted to. Secondary, they did everything endlessly to delay any publication even though they received a lot of money "for preparation Vil Mirzayanov's book" from Flora foundation. Up to real publication I was not sure that CIA and FBI allow me release it. I already wrote about visits of FBI agents to my house. It looked like that these people together with the same people in Washington were concerned to keep Russian secrets as American ones. One of my major motivation for my actions as whistleblower I think was my extreme reaction for spending my all scientific life for nothing or for useless but extremely dangerous for safety of people buisness. Secondary, in 1980-90 s I was very much under the influence of exemplary actions of world famous brave people like A. Sakharov, D. Ellsberg and M. Vanunu. The same time was going development of my democratic points of view on the future Russia and my enslaved by the Russian Empire Tatar People.
Anyway I really like and appreciate Mr. Johnson for this conclusion: "For all its flaws this book and its author mark a key epoch in CBRN. This book will certainly cause people to sit upand take notice, certainly to address potential gaps in capability but whether it has the ability to and its principles remains to be seen. I reinvigorate the CWC hope this does not become the story of a man that risked everything to blow the whistle, only for no one to listen".

P.S. By the way I wrote my another article under the title "Mission not accomplished" about problems connected with a new generation of Russian chemical weapons and asked to publish The Washington Post. It refused to publish. Asked The Wall Street Journal - the same result. Isn't it some kind of politcorrectness? Don't touch our beloved Russian enemies...

From left to right: Dr. Lev Fedorov, Dr. Vladimir Uglev ( assistant of Petr Kirpichev - inventor of A-230, A-232) and Dr. Vil Mirzayanov. February 1994, in front of Moscow News.

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